Moving Supplies

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Box Sizes

Smaller boxes are better for heavier things, such as books.  Larger boxes for lampshades and other light yet bulky items.  It’s best to keep all of your boxes 30 pounds or less if possible. 

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More Moving Supplies

Access Mini Storage is your one-stop shop for all your moving supply needs! Stop by today and find all the items you need to make moving an easier experience!

Wardrobe boxes

Bubble wrap

Packing tape and dispensers

Dish-guard kits

Sofa, chair, and dust covers

Glass-guard kits

3 sizes of heavy-duty re-closeable storage bags

Oversized storage bags

Quality Matters

If you have moved in the past, you know all too well quality moving supplies make a difference.  We all want inexpensive moving boxes that are not cheaply made, so they will stay together during your move and while storing.

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